Thursday, January 11, 2007


The important thing to understand about joining the AGLOCO network is that everything is free. All the money flows will be outbound, that is, coming from the company to the members. I know this does not sound realistic, good chance most people reading this will say "impossible". And yet it's true. Here is how AGLOCO will do it:

First, this membership is not normal compared with the normal organization. Normally becoming a member of something means paying money. In this case, becoming a member to AGLOCO is free. The more people that join the company makes the company all the more valuable. This is because of the high demand in internet advertising. So many companies are so excited to get their ads in front of people on the internet that they are willing to pay just for the opportunity to know that their ad appears in front of a known amount of people.

Enter AGLOCO. This new company will sign-up as many people as possible. Part of the deal for becoming a member is that for five hours a month, while you are online surfing and doing what you always do, you will have to allow advertisements to be displayed at the bottom of your web browser. You need not interact with the ads in anyway, shape, or form if you do not want to. The advertisers are so confident in their ability to get your attention that as long as you leave the ads operating on your browser, these advertisers will pay AGLOCO money.

AGLOCO will make a few good nickels running these ads. They will be able to offer large advertising companies the chance to get ads served up to millions of active internet users. This is an extremely valuable resource to these advertisers. In this time of such stratified channels of communication and entertainment, realize that advertisers struggle to even reach a mass market. TV ads are not nearly effective as they were even ten years ago. Radio and print ads are still being used by advertisers but they are not considered as relevant as they once were. The most dynamic, fast growing, and important place to serve ads now is the internet. Plus, never have ads been so targeted.

The smart technology that AGLOCO will use can distinguish what types of interests you have. And, no, this is not spyware! I will be writing future posts to discuss the exacts of why this is not adware or spyware. What AGLOCO will use is a smart technology that is embedded in the free download you will get when you become a member (technically, it will be available this February). This technology can tell if you are interested in plasma tv, football, heavy metal bands, or any other topic. Then, without breaking your privacy or sharing any information with any other source, that same technology will serve up relevant advertisements. If you choose to ignore those ads, that is not a problem at all. At the same time, if one of the ads strikes you and you investigate what they are selling, then all the better for AGLOCO.

It's a game of numbers, and AGLOCO can't lose. They will certainly have millions of members soon, they are adding thousands everyday. The advertisers know that if they put their ad in front of millions of people they will get a minimum amount of interest and sales. AGLOCO will get paid, and in turn, to keep their members happy (that's you) they will pay out money and shares in the new company. The money will vary with how well the company is doing and the shares will almost certainly have a future value.

There is no risk. You pay no money to sign-up, no hidden fees or any charges at all. AGLOCO does not even have a method in place to take money from the public or its membership. You will be online for at least five hours a month no matter what, almost everyone is at this point. The ads are harmless, their is no loss of privacy or spyware. There is no risk to you joining this amazing new company. Why not join?