Sunday, December 31, 2006


With the announcement of the Viewbar coming out somewhere in the month of February, it should be noted that not everyone will have access to it immediately. I thought this was an important point, since new people signing-up today (and in the future) do not feel left out when some members begin to earn money while they have to wait.

The main reason AGLOCO is rolling out the Viewbar selectively is not due to preference of members, but because they want to make sure everything is going well on a technical level. The original members (owners) will be the first to encounter the Viewbar and the they will be the first to encounter any problems with it. This works out since in the sense that since they were first to sign-up to the program they will most likely be the most patience, and forgiving. But when it comes to membership in the company, there is no such thing as levels of membership. No premium package, or platinum member. The only difference is now, in the beginning, who sign-up when. A year from now this will not even be an issue, and all members will be treated exactly the same. It is hard to imagine bringing out brand new technology such as this without any technical problems. The AGLOCO website already has faced some problems, but they were quickly resolved.

So, when inviting your friends and family to sign-up, just keep in mind that they may not be available to begin making money right away. Patience is important here, this is not just a new company, but also a new type of company. The Viewbar is going to have no less than six operating components going at the same time. The quality and functionality of this toolbar is essential for the company to make its advertising revenue.

Remember that early members also had to wait to make money. Those of us that sign-up in November are not entering a third month of following a company that has yet to come across with a single dime. But remind your friends that it will be worth it to stick with the company, continue to get new referrals and be ready in 2007 to make some great, very easy money.


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