Friday, December 22, 2006

Sometimes Free is too Expensive...


AGLOCO membership is the most valuable offer you have on the net. Why? Simple. Once you join you may begin making money from what you already do...being online! This is the easiest money in the world. Are you online at least five hours a month? If the answer is yes, then you qualify to make this free money.

Here is the story of AGLOCO and how to make this simple cash. AGLOCO is recruiting new members to join their organization. Membership is free and it only takes a couple minutes. Your privacy will be respected, but the information you need to join is not even that much. Nothing private, no social security number. AGLOCO has agreements with advertisers who want your attention. Instead of buying ad time on a large website or paying to run an expensive TV commercial, they are now looking to advertise to exclusive networks. That is what AGLOCO is, a network. When an advertiser knows for sure that they will get their ad displayed to a known quantity of online surfers, they are willing to pay good money.

This is where you come in, the online surfer. When you (and millions of people) join AGLOCO the network becomes very attractive to advertisers who want to guarantee their ad is serving up in front of milions of people, rather than hoping it is. In return for being part of this advertiser network AGLOCO is willing to pay you money.

Here is where it gets interesting. Not only is AGLOCO going to pay you for being part of this advertising network, they will pay you for anyone you get to sign-up. This includes family members, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who you get tell about AGLOCO. When these people join the network you get a piece of their online surfing dollars. Remember, this is FREE for EVERYONE to join. The advertisers are paying the money because they want access to your web browser. If you sign-up a lot of people you are going to make a lot of money!

And why not? Look at it this way: every website you visit, nearly all of them have advertising. Whether its contextual, banner adds, those flashing annoying type of excited ad, they are everywhere. There is no escape from online advertisements, they are here to stay and we will have to live with them. But, at the same time, if you can make money from those same online ads, then why not? Once you are a member you will see online ads just like everybody else on the planet, except you'll be getting paid!

There is no reason not to join the most exciting, fast growing company on the internet today! AGLOCO is the company of 2007! Free money for what you already do!


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