Monday, December 25, 2006


How do you plan to get AGLOCO money? If you want AGLOCO to really come across with substantial money then you need to average one new member everyday. This is not necessarily an easy task, but one that will pay huge dividends for the time and effort invested. Think about the following situation:

AGLOCO will double the amount of money they pay you for every five more referrals you bring in. If you can bring in one new person each day from now until the begininning of March, you would have a total of over 60 referrals. With that many members under you, now witness the capability of mathematics unleashed.

Going from 5 referrals to 10 doubled your money.

Going from 10 to 15 referrals, that again double your money.

Once again, 15 to 20 memberships made your income double.

If we skip to the end of this wonderful math, you will see that the results are quite impressive. Using a base of 5 members as an AGLOCO standard, we managed to keep doubling are income 11 total times from whatever original dollar figure that would have been earned with only 5 referrals.

Another way to demonstrate this powerful math is to assume that yourself and your original 5 referrals paid $1 a month. Not much, right? But if you use AGLOCO math (double your income pleasure with every 5 referrals) then you take the $1 and double it 11 times! This result is $1,024 a month!

Remember, this is all extra income. Also remember that you need not pay anything to get people to sign-up. And they need to pay zero dollars as well. No one is paying anything for registering, being an active participant, and there are no hidden fees for anything. What is so important to understand with AGLOCO is that you pay no dollars into the company at any point during your experience with them. AGLOCO does not even have the ability to take money, there is no credit card form, no address to mail them a check, no instance or situation where they can take any money from you.

The opposite is true. AGLOCO is only geared to pay you money. This is revenue from the advertisers who are willingly taking part in this revolutionary advertising model, which is changing how ads are served on the internet. As a member all you need to do is continue what you are already doing. Which is surfing the net, paying your bills online, chatting with friends, playing video games, and all the other things you actively do online. That's it, nothing else.

AGLOCO is a great new company. I suggest you sign-up today, and be one of the first to get paid for just doing what you do!


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