Sunday, December 31, 2006


With the announcement of the Viewbar coming out somewhere in the month of February, it should be noted that not everyone will have access to it immediately. I thought this was an important point, since new people signing-up today (and in the future) do not feel left out when some members begin to earn money while they have to wait.

The main reason AGLOCO is rolling out the Viewbar selectively is not due to preference of members, but because they want to make sure everything is going well on a technical level. The original members (owners) will be the first to encounter the Viewbar and the they will be the first to encounter any problems with it. This works out since in the sense that since they were first to sign-up to the program they will most likely be the most patience, and forgiving. But when it comes to membership in the company, there is no such thing as levels of membership. No premium package, or platinum member. The only difference is now, in the beginning, who sign-up when. A year from now this will not even be an issue, and all members will be treated exactly the same. It is hard to imagine bringing out brand new technology such as this without any technical problems. The AGLOCO website already has faced some problems, but they were quickly resolved.

So, when inviting your friends and family to sign-up, just keep in mind that they may not be available to begin making money right away. Patience is important here, this is not just a new company, but also a new type of company. The Viewbar is going to have no less than six operating components going at the same time. The quality and functionality of this toolbar is essential for the company to make its advertising revenue.

Remember that early members also had to wait to make money. Those of us that sign-up in November are not entering a third month of following a company that has yet to come across with a single dime. But remind your friends that it will be worth it to stick with the company, continue to get new referrals and be ready in 2007 to make some great, very easy money.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Signing up for AGLOCO is one of the best decisions you can make. Over 100,000 people have already signed-up in the first month since the launch of this brand new company. If you haven't signed-up yet, you can sign-up here.

Membership in the new company is free. For your participation (also free) you can earn easy online money. A lot of people have been talking about the fact that no exact dollar amounts are being discussed yet. My response to that is that the company is still new, and they are moving quickly. AGLOCO started as a formal company on November 20th and they have already worked out several technical bugs that came up. They also announced that the money producing component of the company, the AGLOCO Viewbar, has a live launch date of February 2007. So, for all the unanswered questions there are many that have been answered. Realize that AGLOCO is making progress everyday, and if they keep on this pace they will make a substantial impact in the online universe next year.

The AGLOCO Viewbar is what many people are having trouble understanding. The structure of AGLOCO starts with the Viewbar. This toolbar will rest somewhere on your computer screen, almost certainly tied to your web browser. When you sign online and are actively using the internet the Viewbar will react to the activity. The company will not be monitoring your activity, your page visits, and there is no spyware of any type. Much like contextual advertising, the smart technology in the Viewbar will let it "see" the type of wording that appears on your browser. For instance, if you searched online for hotels in Cleveland, the smart technology of AGLOCO would match up the terms hotel and the city of Cleveland, and then serve ads on the Viewbar that are relevant. This could be a restaurant in Cleveland, maybe cheap airline tickets, anything that is related to travel in that area. But at no point did AGLOCO monitor what you particularly are doing, on an individual basis.

Once members begin downloading and using the Viewbar, the time will arrive when AGLOCO needs to focus on compensation. As members, we will have taken our time to join the company and to download the Viewbar, both of which are totally free. When we have the Viewbar operational on our browsers, the company will start earning revenue from advertisers, who will be paying AGLOCO in order to have access to our surfing eyes. The way AGLOCO will pay the membership will be a two step process. First, for all of our online activity (up to a maximum of 5 hours per month) AGLOCO will pay us in shares of the company. One share of online surfing with the Viewbar will equal one share of AGLOCO stock. Also, for anyone who you have signed-up with your referral code you will receive one quarter of a share per every hour they surf with the Viewbar. Remember, being online is not enough to earn shares from the company, you have to be actively online.

Once members have earned their AGLOCO shares they will be available to actually earn money from those shares. This is one area that is still not been discussed much, most likely because the leadership of the company is still not sure on how to organize the actual payments. A decision will have to be made of whether stock can be converted to cash, if stock can be accumulated for the purpose of earning monthly dividends, or some other format entirely. Another possible scernario involves AGLOCO paying out cash and stock, but again there are no details. The company will definitely be issuing stock, that is the only fact that is certain.

The important thing to understand is this. Unless AGLOCO plans on failing, very quickly, they will have to make it worth the time to participate. If members do not get any kind of tangible return for their involvement and time, then the Viewbar will not be utilized by the members. If the Viewbar is not being used by the membership, then the advertisers that keep the lights on at AGLOCO will walk away. The beauty of this organization is that money going to the members (owners) is the life of the company. You must be paid or the company will not survive. That is why I am telling my friends and family that they need to sign-up because the odds of this company not paying its members is very small. They will not have a company if they do not. AGLOCO is going to become a giant flow of money, straight down from the advertiser to you. This is revolutionary. Companies have paid other companies for order flow, that is nothing new. But now, we have companies that are going to pay for direct viewers of their advertisements. AGLOCO is just the administrator for the money that these advertisers will be paying you. It gets back to the original question that AGLOCO asks visitors to their website: Do you know how valuable you are? The answer, hopefully, is yes.

Monday, December 25, 2006


How do you plan to get AGLOCO money? If you want AGLOCO to really come across with substantial money then you need to average one new member everyday. This is not necessarily an easy task, but one that will pay huge dividends for the time and effort invested. Think about the following situation:

AGLOCO will double the amount of money they pay you for every five more referrals you bring in. If you can bring in one new person each day from now until the begininning of March, you would have a total of over 60 referrals. With that many members under you, now witness the capability of mathematics unleashed.

Going from 5 referrals to 10 doubled your money.

Going from 10 to 15 referrals, that again double your money.

Once again, 15 to 20 memberships made your income double.

If we skip to the end of this wonderful math, you will see that the results are quite impressive. Using a base of 5 members as an AGLOCO standard, we managed to keep doubling are income 11 total times from whatever original dollar figure that would have been earned with only 5 referrals.

Another way to demonstrate this powerful math is to assume that yourself and your original 5 referrals paid $1 a month. Not much, right? But if you use AGLOCO math (double your income pleasure with every 5 referrals) then you take the $1 and double it 11 times! This result is $1,024 a month!

Remember, this is all extra income. Also remember that you need not pay anything to get people to sign-up. And they need to pay zero dollars as well. No one is paying anything for registering, being an active participant, and there are no hidden fees for anything. What is so important to understand with AGLOCO is that you pay no dollars into the company at any point during your experience with them. AGLOCO does not even have the ability to take money, there is no credit card form, no address to mail them a check, no instance or situation where they can take any money from you.

The opposite is true. AGLOCO is only geared to pay you money. This is revenue from the advertisers who are willingly taking part in this revolutionary advertising model, which is changing how ads are served on the internet. As a member all you need to do is continue what you are already doing. Which is surfing the net, paying your bills online, chatting with friends, playing video games, and all the other things you actively do online. That's it, nothing else.

AGLOCO is a great new company. I suggest you sign-up today, and be one of the first to get paid for just doing what you do!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Sometimes Free is too Expensive...


AGLOCO membership is the most valuable offer you have on the net. Why? Simple. Once you join you may begin making money from what you already do...being online! This is the easiest money in the world. Are you online at least five hours a month? If the answer is yes, then you qualify to make this free money.

Here is the story of AGLOCO and how to make this simple cash. AGLOCO is recruiting new members to join their organization. Membership is free and it only takes a couple minutes. Your privacy will be respected, but the information you need to join is not even that much. Nothing private, no social security number. AGLOCO has agreements with advertisers who want your attention. Instead of buying ad time on a large website or paying to run an expensive TV commercial, they are now looking to advertise to exclusive networks. That is what AGLOCO is, a network. When an advertiser knows for sure that they will get their ad displayed to a known quantity of online surfers, they are willing to pay good money.

This is where you come in, the online surfer. When you (and millions of people) join AGLOCO the network becomes very attractive to advertisers who want to guarantee their ad is serving up in front of milions of people, rather than hoping it is. In return for being part of this advertiser network AGLOCO is willing to pay you money.

Here is where it gets interesting. Not only is AGLOCO going to pay you for being part of this advertising network, they will pay you for anyone you get to sign-up. This includes family members, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who you get tell about AGLOCO. When these people join the network you get a piece of their online surfing dollars. Remember, this is FREE for EVERYONE to join. The advertisers are paying the money because they want access to your web browser. If you sign-up a lot of people you are going to make a lot of money!

And why not? Look at it this way: every website you visit, nearly all of them have advertising. Whether its contextual, banner adds, those flashing annoying type of excited ad, they are everywhere. There is no escape from online advertisements, they are here to stay and we will have to live with them. But, at the same time, if you can make money from those same online ads, then why not? Once you are a member you will see online ads just like everybody else on the planet, except you'll be getting paid!

There is no reason not to join the most exciting, fast growing company on the internet today! AGLOCO is the company of 2007! Free money for what you already do!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


AGLOCO is available to everyone who surfs the net. Membership with the new company is not only free, but it will pay you money. Sound too good to be true? Membership in a new company costs money right? Not this time. The shares in this company are being distributed to new members who sign-up now. How is this possible? Keep reading, this is not a joke and it isn't a scam.

The new members-only AGLOCO is a new type of company. Your activity on the internet is valuable. When you get online there are a many companies that serve you advertisements, offer you promotional multimedia or otherwise want your attention. And think about when you use a search engine. Advertisements everywhere. Search engines, marketing firms, and all these large corporations all want your attention. You are valuable.

Technically you are already a member of the internet. You participate in all sorts of communication and information gathering in this worldwide community. Now, a new company called AGLOCO (short for A Global Community) has decided they can make money by sharing some of the profits with you. When you sign-up with AGLOCO you have the opportunity to make money by allowing advertisements to be displayed on your computer while you search. But why do you want more advertisements, you already have tons in front of you? The answer to this question is money. Unlike all the companies that bomb ads in front of you all day long, AGLOCO will offer a select number of ads served to you while you are online. You get paid for allowing those ads.

It gets better! Not only can you make money every month with your online activity, you can make a lot more money if you refer your friends and family to this program. Remember, there are no costs involved with this program at all, none. There is no spyware, no adware, no infiltrating software at all. This company makes their money from showing ads to you, plain and simple. If you are a member (free) and you elect to allow the advertisements to run while you surf (free) then you make money.

And if you tell your friends, and they tell their friends, you can build a significant refferal base. This can make you A LOT OF MONEY in a short period of time. Join AGLOCO today and start making money for what you already do!